Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blue playground

One of the merits of this little house that I didn't initially appreciate, is its proximity to the "blue playground". That's the playground of the school that is right behind our house.
When we first moved here I just thought it was ugly, and we even tried to plant a "privacy screen" of evergreen trees to block the vision of its blue-ness from our house and backyard. Those trees died (despite the fact that we seem to be able to grow other giant weed-trees everywhere we don't want them). Now we see it all the time, and we frequently head over there once school is out for the day. Heiko is surprisingly (sometimes frighteningly) competent on the big kid play equipment, despite the fact that it was designed for humans twice his size. And I'm working on my chin-ups, handstands and monkey-bar skillez, despite the fact that it was designed for humans half my size. Win-win.
After one such trip to the blue playground, I announced to Patrick that I am like suddenly awesome at basketball, yeah! My hand-eye coordination is not as terrible as it has been! He pointed out that I can basically touch the basketball hoops, so... I guess they aren't full size. Still, as someone who basically failed gym class, I'll take what I can get.


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