Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year new you

Well Happy New Year everyone!
What a tremendous year it has been. Seems like everywhere I look on and off the interwebs people are resolving and intentioning and setting goals. Let me on to that bandwagon!
I am considering another 365 day project. Remember the 365 lovelinesses? That was pretty fun. Life is different now though (understatement). I thought I was busy back in those days, but I see now that I was wrong. So this needs to be easy. And maybe it will fail.
So I'm here to announce that you can all expect a dive in quality, to yet-unknown lows! That doesn't sound good. Still though, are you with me?
Instead of loveliness, I'm just doing moments. A record of moments. Snapshots of the day, maybe a word or two. Nothing much. The exciting and the mundane, big and small. If it is anything like this crappy post then apparently I'm not even going to write in full sentences.
Here we go!

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