Monday, November 18, 2013


Today I was sent the proofs for a paper I wrote for a conference in England waaaay back when my belly was big. It is finally going to appear in print. In fact, I think it will be my first sole-author publication (which reveals a depressing fact about most of the material from my phd thesis -- it is still tied up in the publication pipeline for one reason or another). No matter. A paper! Great. Except - heh! - What? I no longer understand it. Let me quote a little here, just for funnies:
"It is possible to check that the expression (5.1) gives rise to a submodular function on the set of oriented edges labelled by elements of Z^d. It then follows that the body-bar periodic orbit graphs satisfying (5.1) form the independent sets of a matroid. We omit the details."
Oh, really? Well, it is a good thing the details are omitted, since they are so obvious, right? Yep.
I spent some time today updating references and checking things over. I actually did this while Heiko smeared oatmeal all over the couch and himself this morning -- I should know by now not to trust silence when a toddler is involved. And that about summarizes things. My brain feels like smeary mooshy oatmeal. Soon I'm going to be plunged back into that math world in a big way, and I'm terrified. The wheels are really in motion now, and it feels like they are turning faster and faster by the day. Hold on tight I guess, 'cause here we go!