Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The sweater blanket


One of my ongoing projects that is currently under attack in the unclutterer/getting-shit-done-pre-baby frenzy is my sweater blanket. I've had this big pile of old sweaters sitting around for months, probably years if I am honest, and it is time to get rolling on fun part.

So far I washed and cut apart the sweaters (most of which are now nicely felted). Then I ironed them with lots of steam to further the felting (and release the charming aroma of wet wool combined with the fumes of previous owners). Now I'm at the cutting stage, which is by far the most satisfying. Each sweater is getting cut into two big squares and two half-squares, which are known as rectangles for the geometrically inclined. Eventually I'll sew or serge (haven't decided yet) them together into a big patchwork blanket, that will hopefully be big enough for a queen size bed. I also haven't decided whether I'll leave it there, or whether I'll put some kind of backing on it and do tufting, to make a somewhat quiltier blanket. Yeah, I said it.... quiltier.

But right now I am in love with my cut pieces, which are like slabs of felty goodness. I almost don't want to sew the slabs together, they are so lovely just as slabs.


  1. cannot WAIT to see what this turns out like, and curious to learn details, like how will you be joining them.
    WEIRD that I worked with my old sweaters yesterday morning, and then in the afternoon you posted same! yay for great minds.
    i made 3 new pairs of legwarmers, and thus 3 new sweatervests. ha!

  2. Yay for sweater recycling. In fact, one of the items that is becoming part of the sweater is a scarf that you gave me ages and ages ago, that I then dyed blue and wore for a few years. Now it will be part of the blanket!

    I haven't decided how to join the pieces yet. I'm thinking I might just sew, because the edges are so nice, but the serger may actually be more appropriate and lead to less pilling. I'll keep you/the interweebs posted!