Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Q.C.

Dernier fin-de-semaine, nous sommes allés à la ville de Québec. Elle était très belle. Mais, il était très très froid.

This was the view of P I had for most of the weekend (i.e. not much):
But it didn't slow us down too much... nous avons fait la raquette...
And did a lot of wandering around....
A high of -24 degrees does have some advantages: discounts on the most delicious squeaky-curd poutine ever!!!! (Rabais météo at Chez Ashton). According to the Poutine Pundit, this may actually be the best poutine in.... The world. OK, well at least in all the places the pundit has reviewed. We tried to go to the other place that gets a score of 90/100, but sadly a 2:30pm poutine hunger went unfufilled by this nighttime spot (where poutine isn't even on the menu, yet they have the best in town....?)
We also stayed inside a lot to watch les émissions sur la Canal Vie! Quality programs such as Enciente.... sans le savoir. I could feel my french improving and my other mental abilities declining at the same time!
It was a lovely weekend.

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