Monday, January 2, 2012

24 Weeks

Well, today I am 24 weeks pregnant.  According to my handy iPhone app, I have 112 days to go. Eeeee! I'm really starting to feel more pregnant. I find myself inadvertently making sounds when I stand up or sit down. And after booking international flights for my 31st week last night, I woke up in the middle of the night concerned that maybe I wouldn't be able to get my tray-table down. Belly as table?

Today I may have gone for the last run of this pregnancy. It felt so good to begin with, but then I started to notice some ligament pain in my belly. Here is a picture pre-run, don't know what is happening to my face there, but that is what happens when P. takes the pictures.

Plus, soon enough my running jacket isn't going to zip up.
To give you some idea of how this goes, today I ran my usual 5km railpath route in 40 minutes. Last years resolution was to run that path in <28 minutes, because I was having a lot of trouble breaking the 30 minute mark. Obviously things have slowed down a lot since I became pregnant, and I have no complaints about that. But today was a whole new slow. Still no complaints: it gave me lots of time to appreciate the sunshine and the snowflakes in the air.  

I know that some ladies run right through their pregnancies, but I don't think that will be me. I think I'll renew my membership at the community centre instead and move elliptically from now on. Plus it is winter! The predicted high tomorrow is -12 degrees! 

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  1. so cute! so cute! so cute!!!! Yes, good table top, if you can see that close!