Sunday, September 12, 2010

and another

Yesterday I chanced on a gallery showing a William Kentridge film/animation/drawing/amazingness.  Gallery TPW on Ossington is showing "Journey to the Moon" until next Sunday. Go see! It is seven amazing minutes of pure magic. It is hard to imagine the boundary between film and drawing and coffee being blurred, and yet Kentridge manages to do it.
I need lots of drawing inspiration these days, and Kentridge never fails to provide on this front.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

loveliness recap

It has been forever oh lovers of loveliness. I assure you that it means nothing about the sheer quantity of loveliness all around me these days. The spectacular summer has come and gone, and now it is back to the thick thick thickness of it.

So. Apropos of nothing,  here is a portrait of my dad, kind of.


And also, shouts to the cross-walk-lady at Dufferin and Bank!!!!! You and your stereo (Gwen Stefani Holla Back) made my day.